A Dose of Sparkle X Satyaniketan

I recently went to Satyaniketan, first time in last four months since I have left it. For those of you who don’t know what/where Satyaniketan is, it is a place in South Delhi. It has all kinds of restaurants, you can choose from a variety of cuisines and food that this place has to offer. To be honest, you will not be able to choose from the number of restaurants that are there.

Same happened with me. Rather than going to just one place and eat, I decided to go to number of places and have what I like from there. The first place that I went to was QD’s. If you search for places to eat in Delhi, this place would have surely made it to the list. I tried their very famous Tandoori Momos and Fruit beer. There is no better combination to have your fruit beer with, I tell you. They have one of the best momos in Delhi.




The second place that I went to was Woodbox Cafe. If you ever go to Satyaniketan and feel like having Aglio Olio, this is the PLACE TO BE. They have the yummiest Aglio Olio in Satyaniketan. Also, it is my favorite kind of pasta, so I just can not settle for anything but authentic. To balance the subtle flavours of pasta, I chose Kiwi Mojito. They have a variety of drinks to choose from. I wanted to have bruschetta as well. I tried their mushroom bruschetta, but it did not excite my palate that much.





What would be the first thing that you want to have in this terrible summer? ICE CREAM!!! That’s what I did. I went to Frosty Rolls. They have Ice Cream rolls, something not very common for India. I have had Ice Cream rolls before, but I tell you, their rolls are the best by far. I tried their Brownie Ice Cream roll. The best part is you get to see the whole process right in front of you. If you go to Satyaniketan, don’t forget to visit this place.




If you think this is enough for me for 1 day, no it isn’t. Also, in my defense I would like to tell you that I went there with a few friends.  Otherwise also, I can have it all on my own. 😀

The next place that I went to was our very own CCD. Place where I spent most of my college days. I had to go there. I used to love their Choco-Hola(Warm brownie with Ice Cream), they changed it a little bit this time. This time it was Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream. Now, what the hell is that? Well it is Brownie Sizzler! The same that you get in Hyatt’s Sidewalk. It’s better to spend 150 on it rather than 550-600, I guess. I also had their Toffee surprise. This was a sundae with salted caramel candy on top! Are you thinking about it yet? No? Have a look at this beauty, that might help.




Told You!

If you ever get a chance to visit Satyaniketan, I would suggest you to explore this Gem. Stuff your stomach as much as you can with the variety of things that you can have their.

Let me know some of your favorite places to be in Satyaniketan.

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Until next time. XOXO


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