My Morning Routine!

With this unbearable Summer heat, these sweaty days, we all have been looking for a routine that is easy and could beat our summer morning’s discomfort. I would like to share my morning routine with you guys. I have a normal skin, if you have normal skin you can try it too. It takes me around 10 minutes to follow it every morning and I have been doing this for a few years now and I am addicted to it. I can not skip it for even one day orrrrr, actually I just can’t.

I start my day with a cup of Green Tea, this I tell you is a must for me. I do not think I need to tell you the benefits of Green Tea. The magic potion that Hermione used to carry in a veil was Green Tea I am sure. I start my day with it and two more through out the day. wp-1495619501860.jpg


teAvalon have a great collection of tea. My favourite is their Chocolate Green Tea. You can check out their collection here.

Then comes scrubbing. I make it a point to scrub my face daily. I make sure I use a scrub that is gentle and can be used daily. Neutrogena’s deep clean scrub is just perfect for everyday use. I scrub my face for about 3-5 minutes to get rid of all the dead cells and dirt.


I then clean my face with facewash. Oriflame’s  Pure skin is a great facewash if you are looking for something that leaves a fresh and cooling sensation afterwards. It has tiny crystals that messages your face when you face you were just washing it.


I then apply Rose water that acts as a toner. It soothes the face as well as tone it. Make sure you do not leave the neck area.


One step that is super duper important is moisturising. I make sure that I apply loads of it. Suave moisturizer is so light on skin and gets absorbed in a second. They are Dermatologist Tested. They have a special quiz for your skin so that you know which is the correct product for your skin. You can buy it here.


Do I really need to tell you that you need to put Sunscreen? You just can not and should not do without this one. Lotus has great sunscreen that has a dewy effect on your skin.


And I am ready to face the day and that ruthless Sun. Tell me if this helped you and what is your routine.

Until next time. XOXO


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