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A Dose of Sparkle goes to Agra!

Hi, you guys!

So I recently went to Agra to attend my first ever Muslim wedding. It was my best friend’s beautiful sister getting married to the guy she has been in love with. The big fat Indian wedding that we love was very overwhelming for the groom’s side as they were from Dublin and had never seen an Indian wedding. The expression on their faces on seeing the rituals, so many colours, traditions were priceless. I have never witnessed something so beautiful.

The wedding season is going on. You can take some inspiration from here. I tried to keep my look as simple as possible on both the events. No heavy jewellery, no heavy clothes, as I had to move around a lot.

On the day of Sangeet I chose to wear a lehenga that was kept away in a box after my sister’s wedding because there were no events where I could wear it. I changed the blouse and ditched the dupatta. Clubbed it with a messy bun, minimal jewellery and I guess I looked my part. For the main event I wore my mother’s Saree with hair left open, loads of kohl and just the earrings.











I wish I could go back to these days and relive them again. Hope you like these pictures as much as I loved shooting them.

Tell me how you liked these.

XOXO Sparkle!


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