Yesterday in black.

Hello everyone.

How are you all doing? I missed you all, missed writing my blogs. Yes I was away for a long time. Sorry to keep you all waiting. I had an exam but here I am, sitting in a train, making the most of my time and writing this blog.

So I am back with another post on a winter look that is equal amounts of chic and comfortable. I think a plain black dress can be worn at any occasion. You wanna go shopping with your friends, wear a black dress with comfortable shoes and you are good to go. Want to party with your friends? Wear the versatile black dress with some jewellery and you are all set. A date night? Wear the same dress with killer heels, pull  off those red lips and you are ready to kill him with just one look. Anyways here is my take on the gorgeously versatile black dress on an outing with friends.


Tell me how you liked it. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram by the handle adoseofsparklee and on snapchat by asmitachandra. Till then keep sparkling. XOXO😘

Just because I fell for this beauty.


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