Ready for Diwali?

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? I am good and very excited about Diwali. Aren’t you all? I would also like to tell you why am I excited. I absolutely love this festival because of beautifully decorated houses, all those beautiful clothes, candles, rangoli, sweets(my favourite). And one thing that I do not like about this festival is the pollution created by crackers. We all know that it is not only harmful for us but also our environment, every single thing that it comprises. Still we tend to ignore all of these things just to have fun for one night. But think about it, is the effect only going to last for one night? So it is my request to you all to celebrate this Diwali in a way which is not only fun but also healthy.

Getting back to our fashion blog, what are you all wearing this Diwali? Have you decided? If not take a look at this outfit idea that I have for you lovely ladies. It is not only plain but also classic. A full Black knee-length Anarkali suit which has golden Gota work to give it an extra edge. Pom-pom and tiny star work on it’s dupatta. How does it sound? Here are a few pictures-


Shine 100%



Shine 100%

Shine 100%


Tell me what do you think about this outfit for Diwali. Send me pictures of what you wore this Diwali. I am super excited to see your pictures like the last time. I would also like to tell you that it was so nice to receive pictures from you people the last time. Those pictures made my day.


Suit- From Lifestyle except dupatta.

Heels- Forever21.

Earrings- Sarojini.

Watch- Titan raga.

Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat(asmitachandra). Until next time. All my love! :-*


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