Sharing FOOD is not my strong suit!

Hi everyone,

I hope and pray that you all are doing good. I know it has been a while (more than a while 😀 ) since I last posted a blog but was very busy with a few things. Although I would like to tell you all that there was not a single day when I was not thinking about writing for you people. I missed you all so much. Anddddd keeping this romance aside lets all head straight to the blog that we all have been waiting for. Also this is my first review, hope you all like it.

So there is this place I got to know about last year from our very own google. WAFFLESOME. If you ever google for places where you can eat Waffles in Delhi chances are this place is going to be there on the list, may be on the top. It is a very small shop in Greater Kailash-1, beautifully decorated with twinkly lights. The only item they have on their menu is Waffles but they sure know how to retain their customers because the Waffles you eat here are not just the tastiest you have ever had but also the cheapest. Also the people working here are very sweet. They are just so patient even when you can’t decide from a menu of 10 items. Today was the fourth time I went there and as always left with a huge smile and a calm mind. Yeah! food calms me. 😛

This teeny tiny store!

So I went there with my friends. I wanted to have their Mango Waffle which is my favourite but they didn’t have it so I went to my next favourite option “Banana Waffle”. My friends ordered Chocolate, Blueberry and Banana for themselves and also Aam Panna and Lemon Soda to drink. One very good thing about this place is they don’t make you wait for too long and Waffles are freshly  prepared. The smell of Waffles being prepared fills the shop and Oh God! The Smell! They are just the cutest thing. Although I really don’t like the portions. Do they understand how delicious their Waffles are! Why would they give just a quarter! 😦

Our Waffles arrived. I took my fork and knife andddddddd forgot about the world.

That would be Chocolate and Banana Waffle. ❤
Their best seller- Blueberry Waffle.

The Waffles were perfectly crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside loaded with toppings. And the taste of that thing! Undescribable! Not too sweet. Just perfect. No matter how many times I go there my heart will never have enough of those tiny treats.

Wow Menu.
Just an extra click. 😉
Anddddd one more. 😀

If you ever want to have Waffles I assure you this place is never going to disappoint. It is a must try.  A place where you can eat even on a tight budget.

Until next time. :-*


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