“A trip to remember!”

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely day 🙂  . Well if you ask about me, I got tonsillitis this morning  that means no cold water, no ice cream 😦  . I don’t really care though, because the climate of Delhi is great right now 😀  . Fine! Fine! I spare you. Lets jump into the trip to The Queen of Hills- Shimla.

So leaving my friends sleeping, I left the hotel to explore the great city. I had already googled the places of my interest to visit. So I asked a few localites on my way to the Mall Road and they all were so nice. They will always have a smile on their face while talking to you, take my word for it. As guided by them I started my expedition. I had to climb a lot of stairs to reach mall road. A lot! Shimla is very steep, unlike other hill stations. So you might wanna rest in between, which i did not B-) . I was looking for the cafe “Wake & Bake”. It is a small cafe situated right in front of the nagar nigam’s office(it does not looks like any office btw) on Mall Road. The interior is very beautiful and cozy. The picturesque surrounding of this place adds to its charm. I ordered a green tea and a crepe for myself. I was just so famished that nothing but my food was coming to my mind or may be it was just my love for food. It finally arrived. I took my knife and fork and gorged into my delicious looking crepe. AND! The taste of that thing! Crepe was just so soft that it melted in my mouth plus it was loaded with all my favourite toppings of Chocolate, maple syrup, bananas, whipped creme and caramel(too much for a lot of people, I know) 😛 . It was a moment of sheer pleasure. That crepe was just so heavenly. The portion was also very satisfactory. I wanted to lick my plate after I was done. Damn manners! IMG_20160624_105707If you ever visit Shimla, this place is a must-visit. I wanted to spend some more time there but I had to leave to visit other places on my list. I had a huge smile on my face while leaving the cafe because of the delicious breakfast that I had. I resumed my expedition.


See this red building? It’s a school! How cool is that.



IMG_20160624_114406I then went to a local church which was close at the time. I stayed there for a while looking at the beautifully built houses and school around the church. A few aunties were sitting there, chatting. They asked me from where I was and how did I like the place. They were very friendly. We talked for a while then I left for Kali Bari temple which was next on my list. On my way to the temple I saw this beautifully built house with flowers on each side of its entrance. The house had flowers everywhere.

This is “that house”

IMG_20160624_113321It felt like I was in Dream land for a while. I took a few pictures of the house. After a very steep climb I reached Kali Bari. It is a very beautiful temple with a very frame-worthy view of Shimla and the area surrounding it. The marble floor was very cool despite the sun. It felt great to my feet which were in shoes since last night. I went inside the temple, prayed for a while. The pandits were chanting some mantras so I took my time to absorb the holiness. There is something about these chants that evoke a sense of lightness in you. After a while I bowed and got out of the temple.

I then headed back to my hotel as it was already afternoon and I wanted my  friends to see the beauty they were missing.  As I reached my room they were already awake. They got ready and we left for Jhaku temple which is situated  on the top of a hill, roughly 2400 meters above the sea level and it has the world’s tallest  idol of lord Hanuman. If you take a cab to the top you don’t get to see the beautiful landscape and enjoy the serenity of the place. So we decided to climb.We went to a local Church on our way up. The view from that church was just serene.




This view!
Shine 100%

Half way up, one of my friend Sweety was so tired of the walk that she was taking rest after every 20 steps. Somehow we reached to the top. There are a lot of monkeys in that place so we kept our phones in our pockets as suggested by the locals. We went inside the temple and prayed for a while.

See! That’s 108ft tall.

After that we got down the Hill and took a short cut to Mall Road.

Shine 100%
This beautiful wooden bridge between two houses! ❤
Shine 100%
When you have to take selfie because you have the longest hand! 😛

We then went to a restaurant, Cafe Simla Times. You will easily recognize the place as it has a 1950’s ambassador parked right outside. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating. We chose a table outside as we wanted to see the beautiful sunset. We ordered a pizza and a drink each. As we were waiting for our food to come we started taking pictures.

Shine 100%
When the shadow ruins your smile!

The place looks very beautiful with hanging plants and the mesmerizing view of hills on one side. Our food arrived. We engaged ourself in that delicious Pizza.

No clue why that girl is looking at us.

My salted caramel butter shake! Oh God! That drink! I don’t think we spoke even a single word while eating. The food was just delicious. We left for the Mall Road once again. We stopped at a small eatery seeing the crowd and got momos for ourselves. I also asked for a fruit cream that was looking very delicious in the beginning but tasted horrible.IMG_20160624_183738867-10001 But those momos were a real treat. Having fed our stomach to its fullest we took our way to our hotel because we had to leave in 1 hour. Our way back was a much crowded part of Mall Road, having shops on either side of the road. We reached our hotel at around 7:30. We rested there for a while. As we packed our bags we were sad inside that we will be leaving this beautiful city in some time. After we were done packing, we left for the local bus stand. From there we took a bus to ISBT. In no time we reached ISBT. We were to wait for 30 mins for our bus so we decided to visit a small shop there. It had all kinds of wooden items. I brought two hair clips for my mother, Sweety brought a wooden crocodile to my surprise. I don’t know what she will do with it. 😛

Our bus came at 10 o’clock. As we were going towards the bus a sense of melancholy took us over. We took our seats and the bus started to move. As the bus hit the main road I knew it from within that this first trip of mine is just a part of my travel diary. It’s just one chapter. There are many more to come. For the adventure I seek! And the Sparkle in me!

until next time…..


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