A trip to remember!

If you love to travel then I think there is no better feeling than to be mentally lost in a beautiful place, surrounded by Hills, in a place where you know no one, all you got is “YOU”. I had a similar experience this weekend.

I was sitting in my pg with two of my friends, making plans of going to places later this year. “Lets go somewhere right now”, I said being the travel freak that I am. To my surprise they both said yes. We googled places to go around Delhi. SHIMLA was our answer. We packed our bags and left for the ISBT in just half an hour.

Shine 100%
#metroselfie :p

We took our bus to Shimla. It was an all-night journey but I could not sleep as this was my first ever trip to anywhere with my friends.

At around 4 in the morning we entered Himachal Pradesh. It was just so soothing sitting there, listening to songs and that cool morning breeze touching my body in the most gentle manner. That mundane bus ride becomes real fun when you are going up a hill station, that swirling around a hill, those twists and turns 😛 . At around 5 o’clock in the morning when we were finally able to see outside, the view took us to a whole new level of pleasure. On our way to Shimla, we saw the most beautiful landscape ever. There was a group of hills and amidst those was fog, moving swiftly, giving an impression of a river. What was more captivating was one hill that was in the middle of that fog and we could only see the top of that hill which looked like the hill was floating in fog.

see that hill in between?
❤ this view I tell you!



No words could describe that beauty. Finally we could see the sun coloring the sky in various shades of orange.

isn’t it the prettiest?

Shine 100%


There is absolutely no comparison to that sight. We were so enchanted by the view that in no time we reached Solan, a small hill station on the way to Shimla. We had to change our bus from there and God that place was a sight in itself. The whole place was decorated by Lights.

Streets in Solan! 🙂

There was not a single street left. We took another bus from there and reached Shimla at around 8 o’clock in the morning. We checked into our hotel. My friends tired from the journey went straight to sleep. I was in no mood to waste my time so I freshen up and left the hotel to explore the beautiful city of Shimla.

to be continued…


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